We appreciate
the environment

Environmental Policy

Cosmetic Colors S.A. de a company dedicated to the manufacture of cosmetics, it considers as a fundamental pillar of its culture, the care and respect for the environment, being aware of climate change and biodiversity loss. Therefore, it implements and maintains an Environmental Management System, which is continuously improved, in order to make our products, processes and activities environmentally friendly. Involving stakeholders and the internal environment of the organization, this policy is a reference for the fulfillment of the environmental objectives of the organization.


Environmental Objectives

1. Reduce the generation of hazardous waste by 3.3% with respect to the previous year's total units produced.
2. Reduce the generation of special handling waste by 3.3% with respect to the previous year's total units produced.
3. Develop at least 3 products per year on an environmentally sustainable basis.
4. Make use of clean energy, seeking to reduce the consumption of energy generated from fossil fuels.
5.Reduce water consumption by 2% per Cosmetic Colors employee.


Microwood-Matic Program

Planting of one tree for every 5,000 pcs. of sustainable products purchased, with our client's ecological plaque.

Chinampas in the lake of Xochimilco

Lake Xochimilco was one of the five lakes that formed the lake area where the Mexica culture settled and built the Great Tenochtitlan. Among the group of people that formed this society, the Xochimilcas stood out. These people adapted and grew around the lake. They developed an agricultural system that survives to this day: the chinampería. This system consists of cultivating in an extension of land surrounded by water where various crops and ornamental flowers are planted. It was the reason why Xochimilco obtained the category of Cultural and Natural Heritage of Humanity in 1987 by UNESCO. That is why Cosmetic Colors actively participates in the cultivation, care and preservation of the culture, flora and fauna.