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January 2019

Hi beautyfuls and trend lovers,

my name is Jana but all my friends call me JLo. I am 20 years old and from Germany. Currently, I am studying International Business and Management in Germany but my hobby is traveling as much as possible. Meanwhile I have been to a lot of places and as I am doing my internship in the cosmetic industry right now, I would like to summarize and share all my experiences due to cosmetic trend behavior around the globe.

I personally love my powders, my eyeshadow palette and lipsticks, as far as the eye can see, especially in nude tones. I could not live without them.

In my first blog I would love to write about the trends and favorites beauty products in Germany, France and Spain. So we will stay in Europe for the first time.

Enjoy reading as much as I love travelling to new awesome places and lipsticks😊

Lots of Love,



First, let me start in Germany.

Most of the German girls in my age prefer natural basic make-up without too much glitter and glamour as a daily make-up. And we love the nude tones right now. Whereas, for a late night make-up we prefer wearing a stronger sexier look, mostly a red lipstick and a nice black eyeliner.

Since a couple of months, I can see that the trend becomes a clear new direction.

Clean Beauty. This trend establishes right now in the German market.

More and more German beauty lovers are asking for “no make-up” cosmetic products. This means nude lipstick almost like the skin color, a mascara with less volume and a light brown color and light less glow highlighter.

Personally, I highly love where this trend goes to because I don´t support the Instagram world of beauty and fake pictures which has established in the last years. Almost nobody sees the real natural beauty anymore and this is so sad…

Secondly, let´s drive to France.

I went to Paris last summer and I have seen a lot of girls and women dressed very elegant and fashionable. Their make up usually fits completely to their outfit.

A typical French women focuses on a perfect grounder coat because a flawless and healthy skin has the highest priority. The “no make-up” trend also settles in France which means keeping the make-up minimal. Having the perfect primer and less eye make-up becomes more and more trendy.

But a French lady always wears mascara either noticeable or plain. A common phrase is that no women in France leaves the house without having a mascara in their bag.

There is still one important signature feature missing to look like a Parisian girl… the red lipstick!

In the typical Chanel pure red color.

French women add their red lipstick on their daily make-up wearing jeans and shirt but also in the evenings when they go out wearing a cocktail dress.

Long story short… a red lipstick is a must-have for a French look.

Okay, let´s fly two hours down to Spain.

This spring time I have been to Madrid and Barcelona. Beautiful cities.

When it comes to the skin it is similar like in France. Spanish women prefer wearing a flawless make up with a nice primer. Also taking a siesta nap is a quite secret for a glowing face.

What is the product a Spanish lady can´t live without? It´s definitely the eyeliner.

The application of the eyeliner should support the eye itself and not the make-up.

Just like me, most women in Spain love nude lipsticks in their daily lives. Especially, a very creamy one, more than a light lipbalm or gloss.

Only if they are going out they will put some red lipstick on sometimes.

Alright my dears, so far so good…

That´s everything from my side for now.

I hope this helps you a bit to understand some trends and beauty signatures.

See you soon,



March 2019

Hi lovelies and beauties out there,

I hope you enjoyed reading my previous blog.

Are you ready for my new one?

Let´s fly together down to Cape Town, South Africa and see what´s happening there right now. Most women have a dark skin color, therefore they can play great with a lot of colors as eye and lip make-up. I saw a lot of women wearing a dark pink or even an almost neo orange lipstick, both looked really great and pretty trendy.

Furthermore, they prefer a matte liquid make up due to their skin types and also the climate. They don´t like looking sweaty that is why they love the matte and light foundations.

When it comes to the eye make-up, South African women love long and volumized lashes whereas the trend in Europe goes more with less volume mascaras.

Since a couple of months, there has been a new trend coming up… Colorful eyeliner in all variations. Especially blue becomes super trendy.

One personal advise😊 Plan your next holiday trip to South Africa. This country has so much to offer… Doing a Safari, great and super friendly people, wine testing in beautiful wine yards, driving along the Garden Route and jumping into the pacific and atlantic ocean. It is definitely a trip worth.

While we continue travelling, we make a stop in Bangalore, India.

I have been to Bangalore four years ago to do an exchange program. So, I don´t know the latest news and trends in the Indian beauty world. Fortunately, I am still in contact with my exchange partner and she knows the Indian cosmetic market very well and told me a lot of things.

“Glow Glow Glow” is the new slogan for the cosmetic trend in India in 2019.

Every beauty product that gives you a glowing look is highly demanded like highlighters, all kind of glitters, metallic shimmers and bronzers while keeping the look still natural.

Another upcoming trend right now are metallic heavy eyes, as well as strong bolded brows and long volumized lashes.

Furthermore, most fashionable women in India try to put their focus on a strong lipstick color like berry tones or darker red tones.

My next trend report is about China. One month ago I flew to Shanghai and spent two great weeks there.

Minimalization is back! Chinese women prefer effortless application make-up meanwhile. They don´t want to spend too much time in the bathroom to get ready and therefore like simple basic make-up.

Having a pale skin is still very common and trendy. Chinese women want to have a porcelain skin color and therefore using skin lightening products.

What else? Of course having big eyes. Black eyeliner and false lashes are highly demanded as well as the new invention called eyelid tape to get the perfect line.

Also the new Chinese invention “eyebrows stamps” become more and more famous. With these stamps it is very easily to get perfect brows in just two minutes.

I hope you have a better idea now what´s going on right now in those countries.

Next month, you will hear from me again reporting about more trends happening right now.

Have a great time and try some new make-up trends.



July 2019

Hi Sweeties,

it´s me again. Hopefully, you’re all doing great.

I am so excited to share more trends with you.

Let me start in Down Under, Australia.

I loved my weekends spending time on Bondi Beach, get sunkissed, trinking my protein smoothie, eating my acai-bowl and just enjoyed the beautiful little things in life.

And luckily the beach look is back. The wet hair look and the sun-kissed glowing skin is so trendy right now.

All kinds of highlighter and bronzers that support the glowing look are perfect.

On the other hand the “no make-up” look becomes also popular in Down Under. Models on the runway walk without wearing foundations or powders in the faces.

Another trend establishing right now is “Lived-in eyes”. Not perfectly applicated eyeliner and individual untidy lashes become even more trendy.

Having a look into New York’s unique beauty and fashion world is a must.

On the New York Fashion Week you can see so many new trends as far as the eye can see.

I am not able to report about all new trends coming up in New York City but I have chosen five awesome and inspiring new make-up trends.

Glitter glitter glitter especially in gold! Wearing golden glitter as an eyeshadow is super popular right now.

Similar to this, metallic colorful lips become also super trendy.

Furthermore, neon pink will be seen soon either as an eyeliner or eyeshadow.

The focus should be more on the eyes and not on lips or brows.

Another upcoming trend is the floating lipliner in rose and lighter pink.

This special lipliner should be the only application on the lips to get the achievable effect.

Last but not least, matte eyeshadow in nude tones stays trendy and won´t disappear in the next future.

In the United States the “Clean Beauty” becomes a really big trend now in general. This trend describes the look itself but also focus on “clean” products which are free of bad ingredients e.g. no paraffin or micro beads.

Meanwhile, this new trend is also establishing right now in many other countries around the globe.

The consumers want to have transparency over all ingredients, the companies and the supply chain.

With the help of different apps, e.g. YUKA, the consumers are able to scan the ingredients of the products very easily and directly in the stores.

Different criteria will determine how many good or bad ingredients the products have.

The “Clean Beauty” trend is specially supported by my generation, called Generation Y.

Before the trip around the world ends, let´s have a last look at Mexico.

I am currently in Mexico City and can talk so much about the make-up behavior of Mexican women right now.

Most of the Mexican women love red lipstick and this will never change probably. Meanwhile there are a lot of different red tones but the number one color will be the strong clear red one.

Strong bolded brows and a thicker black eyeliner are super trendy and highly demanded now.

And… Lashes lashes lashes. Please as much as possible. Since a couple of months also false lashes, applicated by professionals, have become very common. These kind of false lashes are single lashes applicated one by one to perfect the look.

I have also experienced that most of the women prefer not long-lasting make up because they love to refresh their make-up every few hours. They love their minutes of beauty and time for themselves.

So my dears I hope you enjoyed all my blogs.

If there is any missing country just let me know and text me on the contact section. I am happy to write one for you.

Lots of love